Alain M. Fagnidi the designer:


When it comes to contemporary design, there is usually a philosophy behind it. In this world where function meets art, Alain M. Fagnidi 'S, 2005 SIDIM AWARD winner, follows an international position in the midst of luxury. Born to a influential family in the West African country of the Ivory Coast,  Alain, the fifth of ten children, always had a passion for art and business and fashion.  His banker father envisioned a career path for his son in the military, but Alain had other ideas. He overcame with his faith a debilitating illness, political issues that devastated his family, the deaths of four of his sisters and numerous other challenges, but he persevered. 


For almost 20 years, Alain has moved from country to country in pursuit of his dream.  He studied in Paris, gained experience in furniture design in Montreal, and then chose New York as the U.S. mecca. For the fashion empire he is determined to create as a movement, Alain favors a fashion positive influence to appeal as a give back to the community.

- Alain Fagnidi the brand -

Alain Fagnidi is a life-style-brand that evokes the culture and vibe of Alain’s native Africa, while taking style and quality to a whole new level. A qualified cornerstone with a new movement of multifaceted design, a lifestyle influencer who bring a new perspective to the design world through diversity, culture and fashion for mesomorphic physic. The brand is an incubator for the fashion design revolution… Overall, Alain Fagnidi encompasses exquisitely designed fashion, furniture and accessories that define the concept of luxury.

Founded in Paris France since December 2000, Fagnidi international Group LLC, Provider of upscale and exclusive design products, from luxury furniture in Montreal Canada 2005, to a limited edition leather accessories in Atlanta 2010, before becoming a trendy fashion footwear, body wear in New York 2019 under the new label ALAIN FAGNIDI LLC. A brand with specialization of ready to wear for mesomorph body.

Alain FAGNIDI by its graphic square logos of eight F (F8) draws an engaging picture of self-confidence, that tells of the inspiration of having F8ITH in life. F8ITH by Alain Fagnidi.