About Alain Fagnidi


Alain Fagnidi, is a life-style-brand that evokes the culture and vibe of Alain’s native Africa, while taking style and quality to a whole new level. A qualified cornerstone with a new movement of multifaceted design, a lifestyle influencers who bring a new perspective to the design world through diversity. The brand is an incubator for the fashion design revolution… Overall, Alain Fagnidi encompasses exquisitely designed fashion, furniture and accessories that define the concept of luxury.


At the core of the brand is the commitment to support young aspiring creative, designers over the world, especially those from Africa, who may not have the opportunities that came to Alain.  He does that in a way that empowers these young people to become independent creative, designers, entrepreneurs, through partnerships with non-profit organizations, celebrity brand influencers, ambassadors, mentors that he says “go from fashion models to role models,” and events that are created to support these young creative, in the design industry.


Alain’s vision for Alain Fagnidi company is to someday have a Foundation (Fagnidi Heirloom) and a Center where the non-profit aspects of his business can thrive, where philanthropists, designers and models, social entrepreneurs and fashion professionals (The conquerors) can come together to collaborate.

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