Brand of the leaders

What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and not help others? The intent of Alain Fagnidi is to celebrate the people we love and life we get blessed with, by empowering others.
As a conceptual fashion statement, it’s the beginning of a journey experienced through a unique life’s training that built our F8ITH. A F8ith that unmistakable stands the test of time.


" It’s B.I.L.Y story” 

Inspired by great memories of life and experiences that could educate others, F8ITH, the brand by Alain Fagnidi is like an instrumental revolution to the global design and the fashion industry. The inspiration for the brand is taken from all walks of life. We look to stride outside the realms of modern fashion into one where we elevate the man into a primal figure of youth and diversity! Richly textured, expressive like a Powerful, versatile craftsmanship, " It’s B.I.L.Y story” the latest collections, uphold the given rights of men to move in pure comfort and precision.


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