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Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. I would like to welcome you to Fagnidi Heirloom’s Supportive Lifestyle Initiative. Here and now the company moves on to the second act of its objectives, to support The Fagnidi Foundation. Which is also an educative social center created to empower others but mainly the youth, the orphan, the widow and the poor through the non-profit aspects of the business called Fagnidi Heirloom. 


As part of FAGNIDI International group, Fagnidi Heirloom is an Atlanta based initiative that embraces its responsibility to the community.  FAGNIDI Heirloom specializes in everyday global living, style, influence, and lifestyle empowerment. At Fagnidi, we inspire by teaching trend and sharing experience with the eminence of identity and quality of life.

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Thank you

For our foundation FAGNIDI HEIRLOOM, Alain Fagnidi Company thrive, where philanthropists, designers and models, social entrepreneurs and fashion professionals (the only conquerors) come together to collaborate on living a Heritage for newer generation. There are several ways to contribute to humanity development cycle that assures the equality of rights, life, health, and the fight against the next generation poverty. Fagnidi Heirloom embraces its responsibility to the community through the youth development. Our goal is to inspire the youth with the eminence of identity and a quality life goal through education. We will build strong relationships that focus on empowerment, partnerships and volunteerism in hopes of creating a lasting impact on all communities.

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