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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Disconnected from trend, Its unique sortie is to establish a lifestyle brand specifically geared to not just entice the contemporary ... the bohemian.... the chic...the sophisticated but all kinds of lovers of fashion, beauty and admirers of stunningly ornate artisan work.


Like a Powerful, versatile, expressive collections, GAME OF F8ITH the latest of Alain Fagnidi , reinvented the classics for a dramatic statement of sport Chic.

Richly textured, these royals Collections are woven to inspire, stitched to empower, and crafted to encourage love to one another. It is a fashion grooming for the modern man.

As a conceptual fashion statement, alain fagnidi brand is the beginning of a journey experienced through a unique and unmistakable symbol of faith that stand the test of time. Its beauty is distinctive, unapologetic and instantly appreciated as a creative vision that combines trends and engages with time.

Alain Fagnidi timeless collection’s for men also featuring the commitment to support poor people in African communities and also around the world. He does that in a way that empowers people to become independent entrepreneurs, through partnerships with non-profit organizations, celebrity brand ambassadors, mentors that he says “go from fashion models to role models,” and events that are created to support the purpose.

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