More then bespoke...more then decadent! High end living at its finest. Immerse your self into a touch of sheer class & comfort with these merino suede , artisan loafers ! His, can only rise to the level of art when accompanied by the complicity of self confidence and absolute freedom of mind. It's important to him to use life's formulas that help him to be comfortable in his shoes , HIS Shoes. In this way , he walk with the luxury of true freedom, without limits to his imagination for excitement, enticement , surprise , desire , pleasure ... THE BLUE VANQUISHER LOAFER SHOES.   


SKU: 217537123517253
Color: blue
  • Merino suede . The metallic tag on the back of the shoes suppose to be removed. protect the shoes with suede product for more informations , please wrote to us .

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